Is a person who is physically disabled and needs the help of others in daily life but is slightly mentally retarded obliged to perform fasting and prayers and to wear hijab?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

As it is known, the responsibility of worship is valid for those who are sane and healthy / able to do it. Accordingly;

a. If this person is completely mentally handicapped, he is not subject to divine obligations.

b. However, if he is a bit mentally retarded but still a sane person, he is obliged to worship.

c. If he is considered sane and has the power to perform prayers and fasting, he has to fulfill those duties.

d. If he does not have the physical strength to do them, he can perform prayers, in a way that he can / by sitting, gesturing; he does not have to fast since he does not have enough strength; he has to pay fidyah for each day he does not fast.

e. In order to determine the situation of such people, it is necessary to get information from specialists (doctors) - whose explanation is valid.

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