Do soldiers have to perform fasting?

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Do soldiers have to perform fasting?

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It is a duty of servitude and fard al-ayn to perform fasting in Ramadan for every sane Muslim, whether male or female, who has reached the age of puberty.

It is not fard for children who have not reached the age of puberty to perform fasting but it is necessary to accustom them to fasting, like performing prayers, beginning from a young age.

Fasting is fard for travelers and ill people too. However, they do not have to perform fasting in Ramadan. For, health and being resident are necessary for fasting of Ramadan to be performed in Ramadan. The shari'ah does not render fasting obligatory totravelers and ill people in Ramadan. If they wish, they can perform fasting in Ramadan; or, travelers can perform fasting when they return home and ill people can perform fasting when they get well.

It is fard for soldiers to perform fasting if they do not have any excuses like travelling and being ill.

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