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Is there such a thing as a 'kareen' being so jealous for me that he stops everything good in my life. If so what to do. Eerything is at a stand still, I'm quite depressed nothing seems to work. Please enlighten me on what to do Thank you
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Dear Brother / Sister,

How should we understand the bothering of man by Satan mentioned in Sura Zuhruf verse number 36?
Surah Zuhruf verse number 36: If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of ((Allah)) Most Gracious, We appoint for him an evil one, to be an intimate companion (qareen) to him.
In man’s inner world there is a duality, a conflicting tendency and attraction. The good one of these two -that is pulling towards Allah’s pleasure- comes from the faculty of religion in human nature, from the pre-eternal contract, the divine spirit and the angel.  As long as man -with the assistance of the education he receives and using his free will - leaves himself to this attraction (which is what Islam means) and listens to the message of the Messenger, the aspect of the soul towards the divine spirit develops and its colour covers the whole.
As long as he submits to the bad power pulling towards the lowest level of existence and turns away from the divine message his consultant is a demon appointed for him. The demon’s duty -contradictory to the angel- is to distance man from Allah and make him a slave of his desires. A man who lives such a life and then dies will realise how wrong his acts and choice were when he is brought to the presence of his Lord, however it will be too late then. 
(Prof. Dr. Hayrettin Karaman, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çağrıcı, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kafi Dönmez, Prof. Dr. Sadrettin Gümüş, Kur’an Yolu: IV/667.)
Why were the Devil and the bad things created?
In fact “He (Allah) cannot be questioned for His acts”  (the surah 21:23). However we, as human beings, want our heart to be satisfied just like Ibrahim (AS) (the surah 2:260). Therefore the following question comes to our minds:
Why has Allah created the Devil and the bad things and set them to pester us? Isn’t it evil to create evil and bad to create bad?
We immediately would like to say that creating bad things is not bad, however committing them is bad. Allah doesn’t create something to be bad; on the contrary He creates it to be good. We turn things that Allah creates to be good into bad things for ourselves. For example the Devil was created from fire and the best example in this matter is the fire. The creation of fire isn’t bad but touching fire is. If man keeps fire under control he makes use of it otherwise it harms him.
Another example to this matter is the rain. There are thousands of consequences of rain falling, and all of them are good. If through ill choice, some people receive harm from the rain, they cannot say that the creation of rain is not mercy, they cannot state that the creation of rain is evil.
Allah Almighty has also created angels who do not possess the ability to commit sins and animals which are not responsible at all. Apart from these two types of creatures he has created mankind who can be so perfect that it can surpass angels or be so bad that he falls below animals which don’t have intelligence. At this point the Devil was given a chance in order to open a way for man’s progression and man was given a soul (nafs) which commands evil.
The world is the field of the hereafter. Paradise and hell which are two dwelling places of the Hereafter will be the fruits of man’s faiths and deeds. Therefore mankind has been subjected to an examination. Those who spend their lives with good faith and good deeds and maintain uprightness in their deeds acquire a value worthy of Paradise. Those who go in the opposite direction become the people of hell.
If man doesn’t follow his evil-commanding soul and doesn’t listen to devil he will progress spiritually and can attain a rank higher than the angels. If he does otherwise he can fall below animals.
As is known, the origin of diamonds and coal is carbon. Due to different arrangement of the atoms one has become diamond and the other coal. Similarly the essence of humans is the same. All human beings are created with same material and immaterial faculties. Due to employing these in the right or in the wrong way, discrepancies between humans have come into existence and in society people with diamond-like spirits and people with coal-like spirits have arisen.
Another dimension of this matter is as follows: man by following devil causes harm for himself but due to the rule “The cause is like the doer” the Devil then also bears a great responsibility and increases his own torment in hell. The chance to deviate people, which he asked to be given to him, will cause further trouble for him and in addition to his own he will be punished with the torment of those who he misguided.
If Allah Almighty had wished, he could have not given this chance to the Devil. Then his duty would have been fulfilled by the human soul. The result would be the same. By being given the chance to work in order to deviate people, Devil has gone into a great harm, if appropriate to say, he has been punished for his arrogance in this way. 
Arif Arslan

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