What does it mean that man was created on Ahsan-u Taqweem (best stature as the perfect pattern of creation)?

The Lord of the worlds announces, Surely We have created human of the best stature as the perfect pattern of creation (At-Tin Surah, 95:4) this human being keeps the seed of a number beauties with this best stature. He is a candidate for understanding, believing, acting, loving, feeling compassion, taking pleasure etc. Prophethood emerges from this sublime quality. Saints and purified scholars are the fruits of this quality. The learned men, Gnostics, righteous people, just rulers are all different fruits of different fields.

Ahsen-u Taqweem is translated as in the best stature and people mostly infer from it the beauty of face and body of a person. However, as far as human being is concerned, human soul is the first to be inferred. Body is like a guesthouse where soul stays for some period of time. The honor of guest is reflected onto the house as well, and the guests perfection has made it perfect as well. In that case, ahsen-u taqweem expresses the superiority of human quality over all of other qualities.

Bediuzzaman in his The Risale-i Nur Collection says, Unbelief demolishes humane qualities and transforms them from diamond into coal, thus teaches a great truth. So human being was created in the quality of a diamond which is expressed as ahsen-u taqweem. If s/he steps out of the divine pleasure and right path, this causes him/her to fall to the lowest of the low as a punishment. This falling is symbolized as coal. According to what men of science say, diamond and coal have same components. Now, from this difference is borne two opposite qualities. As is possible to write different words with the same letters, so too there may emerge two opposite qualities from the same human qualities.

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