Is it permissible to kill the animals that harm one's possessions and body?

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Moles frequented my neighbor's vegetable garden and started to harm his vegetables. First, he showed mercy on the moles; then, when he saw that they destroyed the vegetables, he started to kill them using a rifle. He knows that it is wrong and a sin to kill them and he feels sorry but he cannot do anything else since they eat his vegetables. What should he do?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is permissible to kill harmful animals; it is also permissible to kill animals like weasels and badgers for their leather and fur, animals like deer and gazelles for their meat. It is also permissible to export the animals whose meat is not permissible to eat except pigs to non-Muslims. (Sharh an-Niqaya)

It is not permissible to kill harmless animals. It is permissible to kill harmful animals without torturing them. (Bariqa)

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