Is it permissible to have my moles surgically removed?

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I noticed some mole-like things on my face. These spots were light white at first and now they are black like moles. And there are many of these on my face now. Can I have them removed. Also the moles as it bothers me too much at times? I often feel depressed about it. What does Islam say about them?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

You can have these unpleasant looking moles surgically removed that have appeared later on your face.

If there is a legitimate and reasonable excuse, the question becomes different. For instance, those who have harelip by birth or those who have a similar bodily defect are exceptions. Those who have defects in their bodies as a result of a fire, traffic accident or a similar accident are regarded in the same group. That is, if such a person has a psychological depression in the society, has inferiority complex, his honor is hurt and his defect makes him seem despicable and ugly, removing that defect becomes like a treatment.4 Therefore, there is no drawback to having an aesthetic operation for such a person because Allah does not make the religion a difficulty for us. If the aesthetic operations or other changes in the body are carried out for beauty, not with the intention of removing a defect or ugliness, it is haram; if they are carried out to eliminate a harm or ugliness, and to make the body normal, it is permissible.

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Are there any situations where aesthetic surgery is permissible?

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