Is Hair Transplantation permissible?

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Is Hair Transplantation permissible?
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It is clear that this subject does not exactly exist in the Qur’an and Sunnah because this is a new technique. However, what is mentioned in the Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH) is the hair transplantation from one person to another. In a sense, we can call this using a wig which is made from human hair. Prophet Muhammad strictly prohibited the use of wig and this prohibition is attributed to two reasons: 1.The disrespectfulness towards man caused by the use of a person’s hair, which is a body part, as a spare part. 2. Deceiving people with another person’s hair as if it is his/her own hair.

As it is seen, there are differences and similarities between using a wig and hair transplantation and for this reason it is not possible to say it is certainly haram to have hair transplantation just like using a wig because having hair transplantation is performed with a person’s own hair. On the other hand, it is permanent and it does not mean deceiving anyone. Finally, it can be considered a kind of treatment. For this reason, it cannot be said that hair transplantation is definitely haram.

However it cannot be completely halal and pure as it can be considered an aesthetic operation and an individual desire for being attractive. Thus, we are not in the position of giving the final decision of this subject; however, we can say that even if it is not haram it contains some degree of makrooh/karahah and people who are sure about themselves will not feel any necessity to be seen different and have no such an operation. We can also say that if someone has hair transplantation, there will be no religious illegitimacy but there will be at least a suspicion.

It is also not possible to say that transplanted hair is an obstacle for ghusl and wudu because even if the roots of hair are planted on head of the skin, water reaches there and wudu or ghusl is completed properly. (Allah knows the best)

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