Is it halal or haram to use nutmeg spice in cooking?

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- I use a small amount of nutmeg, which is the size of a marble, in some dishes by grating it, as little as 1 gram. In this way, this marble lasts for about a year. However, it is known that excessive consumption of nutmeg (grating dozens of them and eating them with a spoon) has an intoxicating effect.
- Is it haram for me to use a grain of nutmeg according to the hadith, “If a small amount of something is intoxicating, a large amount of it is haram too”?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

- The expression “a large amount of something that is intoxicating” means “the maximum amount a person can normally consume at one time”.

A person cannot eat a kilo of nutmeg at one sitting. If it were normal and customary to eat a kilo of it and if it were intoxicating, a little of it would also be forbidden...

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