Is coconut halal or haram?

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I have heard that some scholars say that coconut is haram because they consider it intoxicating, but most scholars disagree and consider it halal because no one uses it as an intoxicant. 
Note: I think what is meant here is not coconut, but a type of fruit called nutmeg.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Yes, as you say, what is meant here is not coconut.

First of all, it should be noted that there is a difference between coconut and nutmeg/muscat.

Coconut is a type of fruit that grows in tropical regions and is consumed in our country too.

The fruit called nutmeg or muscat (myristica) is a type of tropical tree, similar to the orange tree, native to the Banda Islands and used as a spice. There is no relation between coconut and nutmeg/muscat except for the similarity of the name.

As for the decrees on them:

Coconut is a halal fruit that is also consumed in our country. There is nothing wrong with eating it.

As for the nutmeg, i.e., muscat, fiqh scholars have had different views about its consumption because it contains intoxicants - opium and hashish. Some scholars say that it contains that intoxicant while others say that it does not.

The point to be considered here is the rule stated in the following hadith: “Every intoxicant is haram. If a jarful of something that is drunk is intoxicating, a single handful or a single sip of it is haram” (1).

Accordingly, if the amount consumed at one time is intoxicating, a little of it is also haram.

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1) See Bukhari, Ashriba 4, Wudu 71; Muslim, Ashriba 67-68, (2001); Muwatta, Ashriba 9, (2, 845); Abu Dawud, Ashriba 5, (3682, 3687); Tirmidhi, Ashriba 2, 3, (1864, 1867); Nasai, Ashriba 23, 8, (298).

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