Is there an alcoholic drink called kvas?

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Is there an alcoholic drink called kvas?
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We do not have detailed information about this drink. We know that it is a kind of beer. If it has the same properties as the beer made from barley, that is, if it includes alcohol, though a little, it is also haram. 

After detailed information is given in page 320 of the tafsir book called “Kur’an Ahkâmı” (Decrees of the Quran), the following decrees are listed:

1. Intoxicating drinks are haram no matter what the rate of alcohol in them is. For instance, beer that has two percent or less alcohol is haram. (For, it has intoxicating property. That the amount of alcohol is little does not make it permissible.)

2. If a big amount of something intoxicates, very little amount of it is haram too.

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