What is the religious decree about drugs such as daub and opium?

All drugs that intoxicate are impermissible according to Islam. However, some of them such as daub and opium are severely condemned. For not only do they intoxicate those who take them but also impairs mental capability, corrupts psychological balance, makes those who take them like paralytic patient, making them forgo their humanity. Given that hashish and opium bring about such disastrous consequences, it is understood that they are far more condemned than wine as far as religious permissibility is concerned, and are in no way worthy of permission and tolerance.

All Islamic sects agreed that selling and purchasing these drugs are prohibited and the money received is religiously unlawful.

Yet these drugs may be taken and kept at certain amounts with the intention of curing patients. This becomes clear only with a specialist and pious doctors permission. Rather than individuals, institutions take them and keep them in the place of medical treatment.

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