If someone sees at woman but nothing wrong comes in his mind,so,in this case is he still a commiting a sin?

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Islam says that we should bestow our gazes when we see any of woman so that any wrong think(attention of lust) should not come in our minds,but in case, if someone sees at a woman´s face even for a long time and then any wrong idea or think of lust does not come in his mind, is he still commiting a sin?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

We find out about that criterion from the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). He said the following to Hazrat Ali regarding the issue:

“O Ali! Do not turn round to look! The first look is all right but you have no right for the second look.”3

When one sees someone from the opposite sex, one does not look at continuously but turn his/her head. Thus, one does not approach the limit of the look of lust.

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What is the sin of watching haram (forbidden) things? Will you give detailed information about looking at haram?

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