If somebody joins the prayer of two people who are performing a prayer in congregation, where does he need to stand?

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- When two people perform a prayer in congregation, one of them stands at the front as the imam and the other stands on the right of the imam, his heels remaining behind the heels of the imam. - Where does another person who comes in the middle of the prayer and joins them stand?
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If one person follows the imam, he stands on the right of the imam and behind the heels of the imam. If they start the prayer like this and others come later, they will stand on the right and left of the imam, forming a saff (rank). The person who comes first and follows the imam as the second person stands on the left of the imam. If there is no space on the left of the imam, he stands on his right.

If there are two or more people as the congregation, they stand behind the imam. This is the way of standing that is not makruh. 

It is not permissible for the congregation to stand in front of the imam. The place of the feet is taken into consideration, not the place of prostration. It is enough if the heels of the congregation are behind the heels of the imam.

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