If a Muslim violates the rights of a non-Muslim, what will its consequence be in the hereafter?

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Personal rights are the rights of a person; therefore, it is necessary to be careful about them whether they belong to a Muslim or non-Muslim. A person who wrongs another person will be called to account in the hereafter no matter who he is. 

According to Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Muhammad, it is not permissible for a Muslim who is in a non-Muslim country to deceive Muslims and non-Muslims, to steal their belongings or to grab them. For, the religion of Islam is a religion of tolerance and virtue; it prohibits treason, deceiving, immoral and ugly deeds everywhere.

If a person goes to a foreign country, for instance, to a country in Europe, and finds something that belongs to the state or a person, he has to give it back to its owner. (Hidaya Vol. 2, p. 66)

If a Muslim has violated the rights of a non-Muslim, he will be accounted for them in the hereafter; he will either give the non-Muslim from his thawabs or take his sins. If the non-Muslims waives his rights, he will receive divine mercy and his penalty in Hell will be alleviated.

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