If anything that we desire will come true in Paradise, will we not get bored after a while?

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If anything that we desire will come true in Paradise, will we not get bored after a while? Will we able to use the blessings of the world in Paradise?
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Interpreting the following verse of the Quran : “But give glad tidings to those who believe and work righteousness, that their portion is Gardens, beneath which rivers flow. Every time they are fed with fruits therefrom they say: "Why this is what we were fed with before" for they are given things in similitude”.1 , the well-known scholar Said Nursi explains the word “rizq” in four possible ways:
 1- What is meant by“rizq” is “good deeds”. The good deeds in the world, namely, the good things done for Allah will be offered to their owners in the form of eternal sustenance in Paradise. After this offer, the people of Paradise will say : ”these things that we eat now are the results of the good deeds that we did in the world”. Namely, the good actions in the world have taken the form of the blessings in Paradise. Thus, there is such a close connection between the blessings of Paradise and the good deeds in this world.
2- What is meant by“rizq” is the food of this world. The food we have here is like the ones in the other world but only the outer appearance is the same; the tastes are totally much better and different. That is why they are astonished.
3- These products are like the ones we have just eaten but their meanings and flavors are different. That is, the similitude of their appearance gives the taste of familiarity while the difference of their flavors gives the pleasure of renewal. That is the cause of their delight.
4- The fruits that we are eating now are the ones on these branches of trees. Namely, when a fruit is plucked, its place is filled instantly by another one. This is the reason why there is no shortage of fruit in Paradise. 2
1- Surah al Baqarah 2/25
2- (İşârât’ül-İ’câz) Signs of Miraculousness p. 203 204

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