What are the basic hygiene for Muslims?

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What are the basic hygiene for Muslims? (shaving, pubic hair, shower?)
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Wudu for Salah (Ablution for Prayer): Every Muslim needs to make wudu in order to pray five times a day. It is an important means of cleaning.
Ghusl (Full Ablution): Ghusl ablution made in order to be freed from janabah enables a person to clean all of his/her body. It is also sunnah to perform ghusl and clean oneself every Friday.
Taking care of hair and beard: It is sunnah to comb one’s hair and beard and to take care of them. 
Cleaning the private parts: The hair in the private parts must be removed at least once in forty days. Thus, the formation of microbes and the dirty smell can be prevented. Those parts can be cleaned every week or every other week.       
Cleaning for worshipping: There must not be any dirt on the clothes and body of Muslims in order to be able to perform prayers. Therefore, Muslims need to have clean clothes and a clean body during the day.
Cleaning the mouth: Islam gives great importance to the cleaning of the mouth, recommending to clean the teeth with miswak (or a tooth brush). It is an important sunnah. Besides, Muslims are asked not to go to mosque when their mouths smell bad; they are asked to go to mosque after removing the bad smell. 
Cleaning the hands and feet: It is sunnah not to lengthen nails and take care of them.
Cleaning after going to toilet: It is necessary to clean the private parts after urination and defecation.

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