Does Allah like aggressive people?

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Does Allah like aggressive people?
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In sura Fatiha which is the first chapter of Quran, we are ordered to pray “Show us the straight way”. The destination is described with words that are different but close to each other in meaning; such as “moderate way”, “straight way”, “smooth way” and “justice”. Quran describes this way as “the way of Allah, to whom whatever in the skies and on earth belong.” And the way leads to Heaven.

True believers cite Fatiha in every part of prayers (salah) and ask to be directed to the straight way by Allah. Those who complete this way arrive in Heaven that is the land of unique bliss. Below this way is Hell. To whichever side one strays from the way, he falls down into the land of that terrible punishment.

By asking Allah to direct us to the straight way, we also ask Him to let us live our worldly lives on the straight way; that’s to say, we ask Him to let us cross al-Sirat (the bridge over Hell stretching to Heaven), which is sharper than a sword finer than hair, while on earth. Indeed, it is very difficult for us to keep our all works, deeds and words on the straight way. However, it is also impossible for us to cross this bridge in the hereafter unless we complete this sharp and fine way without straying too far.

Al-Sirat is built over Hell. And just like this, in front of our all deeds is Heaven and below them is Hell. Whatever we do straying from the way of Allah, we become sinner and rebellious. And this state in worldly life is the portent of Hell.

The straight way leads one to the land of content, the eternal land of true delights and bliss.

The straight way is the moderate way, free from all extremes. Is this not also the way which leads to happiness on earth? Is it possible for us to find happiness unless our body together with its all organs and our heart together with its all feelings are on the straight way?

Neither should our eyes be shortsighted nor should they be farsighted. Neither should our tension be high, nor should it be low… The electrical current of the mechanism which runs our brain should neither be low nor high. Our heart beats should be within definite limits. So is our body temperature…

All of the activities occurring in seventy trillion cells of ours should be on the straight way so that we can be occupied with other things, rather than occupying ourselves with the problems of our body. Otherwise, we will have to spend our life in clinics.

We are face to face with a trick, a deceiving game. There is an enemy hidden inside us. Although we feel right away what harms our body and hurry to find its cure, we cannot be as attentive towards moral diseases, which injure our hearts, stray our feelings from the straight way, and direct our mind to dangerous fields, as we are to bodily diseases. Even worse, we like them. This hidden enemy of us, which makes us mistake bad for good and drink poison in joy, is our lower-self. When this enemy inside us cooperates with devils from humankind and devils from the jinn, our soul weakens and strays from the straight way. As a matter of fact, the real danger for us is not the disturbance of our worldly peace, but loss of our happiness in the afterlife. Nevertheless, the lower-self manages to put it in the background and take the other to the foreground.

We are supplicating to our Lord to guide us to and keep us in the straight way, in spite of our enemies which never seem to tire. And we know that this can be realized only by “praying to and worshipping Him and asking for His help”.

I think that I never manage to forgive a friend of mine, who made a mistake against me. I feel like teaching him a precise lesson and take revenge on him. This thought leads me to this reality:

While I cannot silence a single feeling of mine, how can I arrange my whole world of soul? This can be realized only by my Lord’s blessing, kindness and guidance. It is impossible for my soul, together with its all feelings and emotions, to stay on the straight way without His help.

Faith is the greatest guidance for one’s heart… A heart which has got faith is on the straight way. A true believer’s heart is directed to the Lord, who is everywhere. Wherever he looks, he sees a manifestation of His names. He puts himself next to that work imaginarily, and says: “Praise be to Allah, who disciplines both of us nicely.” Then, a third one, fourth one, a thousandth one and a hundred thousandths are added to these two. And the heart turns to the Lord of the Universe with praises. A heart that has reached to this point, whatever it may like, is on the straight way. However, a heart that is unaware of Allah adds another curtain of unawareness and grows further away from the Lord, with the every creature it likes.

It is a great deal not to lose the straight away in spite of these innumerable creatures and events. Moreover, this difficult test can only be passed with the guidance of Allah. Otherwise, one drowns in material world, gets lost in causes and becomes destroyed.

A heart that is saved from the danger of disbelief and idolatry and believes in Allah is on the straight way. And also there is a straight way for faith in heart. This is possible through following the way of ahl-i sunnah. An example for this is as follows:

Fate is a part of faith. Both the sect of Jabriyyah which denies that human beings have got the control of their acts to some extent and the sect of Mutazilah which considers human beings the creators of their own acts are astray from the straight way. The moderate way of this is believing that demand is from human beings and creation is from Allah. This is the straight way.

In The Signs of Miraculousness from the Nur Collection it is stated that “the straight way” refers to “accuracy and justice which is consisted of the combination of courage, chastity and wisdom” and it is explained as in the following:

“The lowest degree of power of lust is calmness, in which one is neither inclined to halal nor to haram. Its highest degree is sinfulness, in which one is tends to destroy honor and chastity. Its average degree is chaste, in which one inclined to what is halal and not to what is haram.

And the lowest degree of the power of aggression is cowardice, in which one is afraid of even the least and non-frightening things. Its highest degree is rage, in which one is neither afraid of worldly nor unworldly things. Its average degree is courage, in which one can sacrifice his life for the sake of lawfulness both in terms of religion and worldly life, and does not get involved in unlawful things.

And the lowest degree of power of mind is dullness, in which one is aware of nothing. Its highest degree is demagogy, in which one has got such intelligence with which he deceives people by presenting what is wrong as right and what is right as wrong. Its average degree is wisdom, in which one accepts what is right as right and behaves accordingly, and accepts what is wrong as wrong and avoids it.”

One can become a true believer on the straight way by eliminating these lowest and highest degrees of all powers, emotions and feelings in his soul.

When heart finds the straight way and faith, it is time for good deeds. One, in order to find the straight way, should keep his deeds and acts fair. His gaze will be straight, and he will not look at what is haram. His speech will be straight and he will tell everything as it is. He will neither flatter too much nor will he vilify. His trade will be straight, free from deceiving, usury and profiteering. All these are what one’s lower-self dislikes. As a matter of fact, the straight way is the reverse direction of what our lower-self shows us.

And another definition of the straight way is choosing the middle way, which is away from extremes in terms of all moral qualities.

Generosity is a high moral quality. A person who is neither extravagant nor mean is generous. And being just is another high moral quality. A just person will neither be unfair to anyone else, nor will he be incapable of defending his own rights, and thus he will not cause his addressee to be unfair. And also there is the fact that one can be unfair to himself. One who misuses the divine blessings given to him becomes unfair to himself by entering Hell. And another primary high quality of moral is submission to Allah. One who attempts to alter the causes and yet is content with the outcomes means to have comprehended the secret of submission and is on the straight way.

A true believer, by praying “show us the straight way”, demand from Allah to let him walk on the straight way with all of its qualities. And he includes all believers in this prayer.

Just as all faces turn to Qaba in prayers, all souls must turn to Quran, so that social life will be on the straight way.

Our Lord, who teaches us to pray “show us the straight way” in Quran, draws our attention to the fact that happiness in worldly life can be reached via this straight way, just as happiness in the afterlife. Those who stray from this way are “maghdup” and “dallin” as Allah informs us. Maghdub are those who have been subject to Allah’s wrath and “dallin” are poor people who have been the captives of false beliefs. The end for both of them is severe punishment.

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