I follow Hanafi madhhab. How should I perform prayers in congregation in a place where those who follow Shafii madhhab are in majority?

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Shafiis are in majority in the place where I live. They say tasbihat just after the fard prayer. Shall I perform Sunnah prayers first or say tasbihat? Do I have to read al-Fatiha and an additional chapter or verses when I follow the imam?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

You should act in accordance with Hanafi madhhab. You do not have to read al-Fatiha and an additional chapter or verses when you follow the imam. You should perform Sunnah prayers too. 

When the imam is Shafii in a congregation whose majority is Shafii, there is no drawback to a Hanafi person to follow the Shafii imam. He does not have to do anything extra. He will perform his prayer based on the rules of his own madhhab. The imam’s performing the prayer with small differences does not affect the prayer of a Hanafi person.  

Qada prayers are performed instead of the sunnahs of the daily prayers. However, it is not appropriate for a person to abandon both qada prayers and sunnah prayers because he has qada prayers.

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