How many prophets were sent to the world?

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How many prophets were sent to the world?
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Prophets do not consist of the twenty-five people mentioned in the Quran. According to indication of a hadith, 124.000 prophets were sent. (see Ahmad b. Hanbel, al-Musnad 5/265-266; Ibn Hibban, as-Sahih, 2/77)

Some of them were given separate books but some prophets used the previous prophet’s book. As a matter of fact, Harun (Aaron) (pbuh) acted according to Musa’s (Moses) book just as Yahya (John) and Zakariyya (Zacharias) acted by using Jesus’ book.

What we should know and believe is as follows: the first prophet is Adam (pbuh) and the last prophet is Muhammad (pbuh). Between these two prophets, numerous prophets came to the world. We believe in all of the prophets appointed by Allah. Even if we do not know their names or where they lived, they were appointed by Allah.

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