What does belief in books express?

What does belief in books express?

Allah sent down books to some of the prophets that He sent to human beings. Allah informed human beings about His commands and prohibitions in those books, and taught them the good and fine things, and showed them the right path.

Those books are called Divine Books, that is, Allah’s books. They are also called heavenly books and holy books.

The religion of Islam orders belief in all of the divine books sent by Allah. This is the essence of belief in books:

Each prophet was sent revelations. Some revelations were collected together and made into a book. The prophets that were not sent books followed the decrees of a book sent before them and told people about the decrees in that book.  

The Quran is the last divine book. It was sent down to last Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). Many prophets are mentioned in the Quran and it is stated that some of those prophets were sent down books. Every believer must believe in the Quran and the holy books mentioned by the Quran. That belief has an important place among the fundamentals of belief. The Quran is a divine book like the other divine books sent down before. Belief in the previous divine books necessitates belief in the Quran; similarly, belief in the Quran necessitates belief in the existence of the previous divine books. 

• The issue of divine books is related to the issue of Allah’s attribute of Kalam (Speech) and divine books are the works of that attribute. They are the concrete form of the divine messages sent by revelation. The reason why those messages are called divine books is that they are the works of Allah’s revelation and there is no human contribution in terms of words and content.

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