How many types of Divine Books are there? What are their names?

The Divine Books sent down before the Quran are divided into two:

1. Small books, 2. Big books.

* The small books sent down before the Quran are called “Suhuf”: “pages”. They are booklets that are small in volume and that cannot be called as books. They are 100 pages in total. (ad-Durrul-mansur VIII/489; Alusi, Ruhu’l-maani, XV, 141-142) We do not have any documents remaining from those pages.

The prophets that were sent down pages: Adam, Shet (Seth), Idris (Enoch) and Ibrahim (Abraham). Prophet Adam was sent down 10 pages, Shet 50 pages, Idris 30 pages and Ibrahim 10 pages.

There are three big books other than the Quran. They are the Torah, Psalms, and Gospel. There are altogether four big books including the Quran. 

The first holy book, the Torah, was sent to Prophet Musa (Moses) (al-Maida 5/44); the Psalms to Prophet Dawud (David) (al-Isra 17/55), and the Gospel (Bible) to Prophet Eesa (Jesus Christ) (al-Maida, 5/46). The Quran was sent down to our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as we all know.

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