How many kinds of divine books are there? What are their names?

The divine books sent down before the Quran are divided into two:

1. Big books  2. Small books.

- The small books sent down before the Quran are called "suhuf", which means pages. They are booklets or leaflets that cannot be called books. All of them amount to 100 pages.

The prophets to whom pages were sent down are as follows: Adam, Shet, Idris (Eunuch) and Ibrahim (Abraham). Hz Adam was sent 10 pages, Hz. Shet 50 pages, Hz. Idris 30 pages and Hz. Ibrahim 10 pages.

There are three big books apart from the Quran: They are the Torah (the Old Testament), the Gospel (the New Testament) and the Psalms. They amount to four books along with the Quran.

The Torah was sent down to Hz. Musa (Moses), the Psalms to Hz. Dawud (David), the Gospel to Hz. Isa (Jesus) and the Quran, as we all know, to Hz. Muhammad (pbuh).

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