Could you please give information about Hz. Idris (Enoch)?

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Could you please give information about Hz. Idris (Enoch)?
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Idris (Enoch) is one of the prophets mentioned in the Quran. He became a prophet after Sheet (Sheesh), whose name is not mentioned in the Quran. Idris is in the second circle of the prophets.

There are four verses about Idris in the Quran. The first two are as follows : “(O Muhammad) , remember what we said in the book about Idris. Because he was an upright Messenger. We raised him to a lofty place” (Mary 19 56- 57) Other two verses about him are as follows: (O Muhammad), remember what we said in the book about Ishmael, Idris and Zulkifl, all were among the patient ones. We took them into our mercy. Truely, they were among the good.” (Messengers 21 85 – 86)

It is understood from those verses that he was an upright, patient prophet who was raised to a lofty place and reached the mercy of Allah; he was one of the good men.

Many interpreters of the Quran, understood from the verse “We raised him to a high rank” that he was raised to the skies or Heaven (See, Tabari, Ibn Kathir, interpretation of the related verse)

According to Islamic scholars, the real name of Idris is UHNUH and it is mentioned in the Holy Bible as HONUK

In the Holy Bible there are some information about him as follows : Hanok / Idris lived 365 years. He walked in the path of God and then disappeared, because God took him to His presence. (Genesis, 5/23-24)

“We raised him to a high rank”:

It refers to highness in the rank. Similarly, God Almighty says to Muhammad (PBUH) “We raised your fame” (al-Inshirah 4) because Allah gave Idris the prophethood and 30 pages. He was the first to write with pencil, the first to know the science of stars and calculations. He was also the first to sew and wear attire.

What is meant here is to raise him to a high rank in terms of place. This view is more suitable. Because since the word “place” is mentioned in the verse, it must refer to “place”, not todegree. (Fahruddin Ar-Razi, Tafsir Kabir  Mafatihu’l-Ghayb, Akçağ Publications: 15/371-372)

It is accepted that, like Jesus, Idris was also raised to the skies and is still alive. As a matter of fact, the following is stated in a narration : “There are four men alive, Khidr and Elijah are alive on the earth, and Jesus and Idris are alive in the sky” ." (Bilmen, Ömer Nasuhi,Tafsir, 4/2034).

As for the issue of Idris being in Paradise

We suppose that like Jesus, he is also in the skies, not in the real Paradise which is a part of the afterlife because people will enter Paradise after the Doomsday. However, it is known that he is in a place like Paradise and lives like the angels.

The reality that every living thing will taste the death, requires that Idris will also die during the Doomsday. It is not necessary for him to come down to the earth to die.

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