How did the Prophet describe his ancestry?

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How did the Prophet describe his ancestry?

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One day, one of the Companions, Abdullah bin Jabir (may Allah be pleased with him) asked,

“Oh Allah’s Messenger, will you explain what Allah created before everything else”? He replied:

"Before everything, He created your Messenger’s noor (light) from His own light. The light would travel with Allah’s power and as it wished. At that time, there was no lawh mahfuz (preserved tablet), no pen, no Heaven, no Hell, no angel, no sky, no land, no sun, no moon, no person, and no jinn."1

Firstly, the Light that enlightened the heavens with all its grandeur secondly shone in the forehead of Adam (PBUH). Then, from one prophet to another, It came to Abraham (PBUH) and through him to his son Ismael (PBUH).

The prophet Abraham (PBUH) received an order from Allah Almighty to rebuild this holy structure and immediately set to work with his son Ismael.

Having completed to build Kaba, they opened their hands in supplication to Allah Almighty and prayed:

"Our Lord! Send a Messenger from our progeny to the Muslim Ummah so that he can read to them your ayahs (verses), teach them your books and their laws, and cleanse them from their sins!"2

Thus, Allah Almighty did not leave this sincere supplication unanswered and sent a descendant of Ismael, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the chief of the prophets to the world. The Pride of the universe (pbuh) proclaimed this truth as,

I am the supplication of my forefather Abraham (pbuh).”3

Hazrat Ismail’s children and grandchildren continuously increased and they spread all over the Arabian Peninsula. From them, the sons of Adnan, and from them the sons of Mudar, and from them the tribe of Quraysh became superior and different from the others. The Hashim branch of the Quraysh tribe found the most honor and reputation them all. He himself described this reality as follows:

"Allah chose Ismael from the sons of Abraham, the sons of Kinana from the sons of Ismael, Quraysh from the sons of Kinane, Bani Hashim from Quraysh, and me from Bani Hashim."4

"I was transferred through the noblest race (from generation to generation, from family to family) of Adam’s lineage selected by Allah and at last I was born in the family of the sons of Bani Hashim."

"Allah made me born through my father and mother transferring me from the fathers who lived in accordance with Allah’s rules, lineage to the womb of the chaste mothers. From Adam to my father and mother, there is no one to have a relationship without marriage."


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