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ASK, I would like to know wheater oral sex is allowed in islam and yes than up to waht extent i have gone through many sites it says sex during mansuration and entry from behind these two things are haram rest is allowed. Kindly guide me I feel in present word it is very importent to know. Regard Javed ahmad
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The mouth was not created for sexual intercourse but for other things; oral sex is contrary to the creation and the nature of man; people with uncorrupted nature hate it.

Islam is a religion that covers the whole life of man and evaluates every issue. Therefore, Islam did not ignore sexuality that has an important place in the life of man and sex education. It was  arranged within certain criteria and within the limits of halal (licit), being enough for pleasure.

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Can a husband make use of every part of his wife during sexual intercourse?

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