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if a husband trys is best to staisfy his wife in bed eg sex, but she doesnt get satisfy what are other ways in which he can, can he kiss, touch and lick the part of Vagina or vice versa for more satisfaction and can he insert his own fingers inside her Vagina.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The mouth was not created for sexual intercourse but for other things; oral sex is contrary to the creation and the nature of man; people with uncorrupted nature hate it.

When our Prophet was informed about the issue, the verse stating, “husbands could approach wives as they wished so long as the intercourse was through the reproductive organ.”(1)
Our prophet explained that verse and stated that “intercourse could be carried out from behind, top, bottom, side and as the spouses wished as long as it was through reproductive organ.” (2)

We can say that what the spouses do to prepare themselves for the sexual intercourse like licking, caressing, kissing touching various places with hands or lips are not regarded as haram.

The man should make love plays with the woman until lust and desire emerge in the woman. The benefits of that are the relief of the body and the perfection of the child to be born. He should not make haste. It is stated in hadiths (saying of the Prophet): “A man should not jump and dive like a cock while engaging in intercourse with his wife. Just as he himself is relieved, his wife should stay on her belly until she is relieved, too.” “If you are relieved before the woman is relieved, the rest of the day passes with laziness and sluggishness for the woman.” The woman who is in her period should put on old clothes in order to decrease her husband's desire.

It is a grave sin to engage in intercourse with the woman from her back (i.e. from her anus). In a hadith, it is stated: “The one who approaches his wife from her back is cursed.” One should take a nap after jima.

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