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Salam Alikoum, Sometimes I have to make an important decision at home or work. A decision that I have to take in less then a minute. The options that I have seem right, but I'm not sure. Thus I take a coin and I flip it. Before I flip a coin I ALWAYS say that I believe and trust Allah and NOT in a coin. Is this Haram? or a from of innovation? I don't wish to be among the innovators or commit shirk. Thanks in advance
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Dear Brother / Sister,

In order to deal with a subject, even if it is not sin to flip a coin, it is not right. Our religion advises those who are unsure about doing something, to consult someone who is expert on that subject. Also, performing the Salat of Istikhara is advisable. Resulting in a bad condition by flipping a coin is not a good thing for a Muslim. But, in the state of urgent, we advice you to consult your heart.

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