What should we do when confronted with religious problems?

Contemporary man, as of his right, applies to experts on scientific matters. Whereas he needs to be particular about the religious issues, more than anything else is, he either is contented with his own mind or relies on the words of the ones who are not qualified and authorized.

Needless to say, some person who is knowledgeable about a branch of science might be clueless in another. So for one to put forward an idea and make judgments in any field about which he has no knowledge is not something approved of. For example no matter how far a doctor may go in the field of medicine, he would not be relied on in architecture. Furthermore, today even medicine is divided into sub-categories; a doctor, even a professor, from internal diseases department has to consult to infectious diseases department.

It is this scientific approach, which we must take as our criterion. Because the criterion of evaluating things correctly is this scientific, approach, in religious and Quranic truths, man can neither rely on his own mind nor act in accordance with the words of those who are not authoritative. What needs to be done in this respect is to apply to those who are authoritative in religious issues or read their works.

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