Do you know 10 benefits of hunger?

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In addition to the works related to Islamic ethics and good manners, the works in the field of medicine mention various damages caused by constant fullness and the benefits of eating a little and hunger. Imam Ghazali lists those benefits in his famous work called Ihyau Ulumid-Din. It is possible to summarize them as follows:

1. Since there is not much blood flow to the heart and brain during hunger, the power of thinking increases; understanding and ability of perception develop.

Constant fullness causes laziness, blunts the heart and eliminates the ability to act quickly.


2. Eating a little and hunger bring about soft-heartedness and peace of mind.

It is possible to enjoy remembering Allah, to be affected by it and to continue dhikr thanks to hunger.

3. Man turns toward his Lord more sincerely when he is hungry.

He realizes his servitude, understands his weakness, worships Allah, moves away from arrogance and conceit, and grasps the glory of Lord and the endlessness of His mercy.

4. A hungry person understands the state of the needy and the poor.

A person who is full does not understand how a hungry person feels. Thus, those who suffer from hunger appreciates the boons of Allah and do not forget His penalty and test. For, some communities are tested through plenty of blessings given to them while others are tested through hunger.

5. It is the soul that leads man to all evils. Controlling the soul is possible through eating a little and hunger.

For, disobeying Allah’s order and rebellion against Him originate from power and lust. The source of power and lust is eating and drinking. Reducing food weakens lust and power.

6. Hunger prevents sleeping too much.

For, those who eat a lot sleep a lot. Sleeping a lot darkens the heart, prevents the activities of the mind and working. Those who sleep a lot cannot fulfill their duty of worshipping Allah properly. Our scholars regard sleeping a lot as the cause of all catastrophes.

7. Eating a little prevents excessive loss of time.

It makes worship easy and keeps the heart alert.

8. Eating a little and being hungry enable the body to stay healthy and to eliminate some diseases.

For, the cause of many diseases is gluttony. Eating a lot is among the most important causes of stomach, intestine, heart and vascular diseases. Those physiological and biological disorders also cause mental and psychological disorders.

9. Those who eat a little and put up with hunger make ends meet more easily.

For, they have learned to do with little things and to abandon gluttony.

10. Those who eat a little help others and attain happiness in both the world and the hereafter.

Feeling the happiness of rejoicing a poor person and an orphan is the greatest happiness. It is among the important orders and recommendations of our religion to look after the orphans and the poor, to meet their needs and to help others.

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