How does fasting purify the body?

Fasting hasbeen spreading outside the Islamic countries rapidly too; while several people are making researches in that subject, the number of the medical specialists recommending fasting for illnesses to be prevented are increasing day by day.

Medical treatments are applied by means of fasting in 29 clinics in West Germany at present. Fasting cures almost every kind of disease and it also helps to get rid of excessive fats from the body in a healthy way. According to Dr Hellmut Lützner, who is known as a specialist of fasting, fasting is the most natural way to throw poisons and filths that body has been storing for years out of the body.

Fasting is as old as the history of humanity and stands out as a common feature of all living beings. A kind of fasting by going hungry for weeks or months can be seen every year in lives of many living beings in nature. And it is impossible for living beings to remain alive without having the capability of fasting.

Today, many developed countries live in abundance. However, they cannot venture any difficulties anymore since they are used to that abundance. Diseases arising from excessive nutrition spread by snowballing in those countries.

Every nation has a food list peculiar to itself. Having a meal altogether with the family improves individuals feelings of allegiance to each other in the family. In fact, the first act the persons who want to know each other for a business requirement perform is meeting in a restaurant. What can supply the feelings of love and respect that are strengthened by sharing same meals at certain times better than fasting?

Saying Getting ready by fasting is necessary to taste the spiritual atmosphere of the religious aids, Jürgen Von Schedit, a psychologist from Munich, goes on his words as follows:

When fasting is no longer deemed as a tradition, the secret values included in it disappear. In other words, when man is too much busy with material things, he cannot even smell the spiritual things.

Another kind of fasting that everyone must be aware of is the one that all living things perform by instinct. Living beings losing their health drop eating and drinking. It is explained as follows: The body meeting a critical situation does not want to be busy with digestion because one third of the energy the body achieves from nutrition is spent for that action. Therefore, the body directs all its power towards defending against the disease.

Dr. Otto Buchinger (1882-1970), who has a great share in disclosing the forgotten values of fasting to the Western World once more, inscribes that he has begun fasting himself as a result of a serious disease, in his book Curative Fasting. Buchinger, who had caught a dangerous rheumatism of joints, began fasting when he noticed that his illness became more severe, his liver got larger while his muscles got thin and weak and his gall bladder got inflamed. Fasting under the control of Gustav Riedl, who was deemed as the most experienced of the German fasting experts, Buchinger fasted and regained his health by recovering completely.

Dr. Buchinger summarizes his researches that he has performed over ten thousands of patients by those words:

Except for diseases such as hypotension, there are no diseases that fasting is not useful for recovering or that fasting does not cause recovering completely. Fasting is an operation without the need for knife.
Dr. Lützner, an expert of fasting, stated that a 54-year-old athlete, who was one of the 10 thousand-metre runners, achieved his best ranks on his 49th fasting day.

Dr. Helga Bühler, one of the fasting experts, indicates the difference between hunger strike and fasting as follows:

The only difference between the two is the persons intention. Fasting is a positive and willing action. However, hunger strike arises from anger and fury. As it is known, anger and nervousness produce gastric juice and gastric juice causes one to feel hungry. Consequently, as the fasting person feels no hunger, the other one faces a great hunger.

While a fasting person gets rid of the endeavor performed for eating, he also gets rid of the bother of preparing a meal and doing the washing-up frequently. By the way, man also understands that he gets rid of some other utterly different things. Psychologist Jurgen Von Scheidt says the followings about that subject:

Getting freedom is extremely important especially for the ones who feel themselves addicted to things. It is possible to acquire such a treasury by the feelings of freedom that fasting supplies. Treatment of all people whose problem is addiction, treatment of people addicted to drugs and treatment of alcoholics are possible by means of fasting and by means of psychotherapy.

Dr. Hellmut Lützner, expresses the following facts in his book called Like New Born thanks to Fasting:

The phases of hunger a fasting person feels are treatment stages in fact. Those phases are the hours that the unhealthy and harmful materials are torn off from the tissues and circulated in the body. Mouth and sweat smells occurring in some bodies during fasting are because of discharging of those harmful stuff from the body.

Dr. Hellmut Lützner continues as follows:
You can taste the pleasure fasting gives better after you learn the following benefits it supplies:

* A strong morale.
* A more and more increasing interest in your own world of spirit and your body.
* An increase achieved in the power of envisagement and remembering.
* Supplying of self confidence and ability to take decisions calmly.
* Strengthening of sense of taste and achieving a much healthier nutrition.

It is really amazing to achieve all those benefits specified above by fasting. The difficulties occurring in the first days of fasting can be eliminated by a simple way. Eating fruits plentifully in the first days of fasting prevent the pieces of meat remaining in the stomach from decomposing, thus ailments such as nausea or headache are eliminated in this manner.
We conclude our article by a phrase of Dr. Buchinger.
Fast is an operation without the need for knife.

Translated from P.M. by Ayhan HALAÇ

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