Fasting is Purification

It is vital for human health that the cells function well. The truth is that old age and its inevitable follower death is the direct result of the collapse, decay and silent death in cells.

The main reason for the collapse in the cell and in tissues, which are its constituents, is, without doubt, exhaustion.

Today, the exhaustion of tissues and cells has become a separate field of science.

The more heavily a cell is burdened, the sooner it will wear down. In this respect, all scientists count the liver cells as the only responsible factor for aging.

Liver cells work incessantly for 24 hours so as to carry out 16 different groups of work. Arbitrarily eaten heavy meals and alcohol is a real torment to liver cells which become so heavily burdened.

There is only one hope for those loyal servants of human life: Fasting. For if the liver cell happened to be placed in the body of a Believer, as its exhaustion increases, it would ask with a begging voice:

- When is Ramadan?

So, dear readers, the fast is a long-awaited festival for those cells. In order to understand that reality, let us examine the blessings brought to the liver by the fast:

a- Among the various duties of the liver, it occupies an important place to produce bile and to store nutritions because those duties continue permanently. That burden of the cells makes it very hard for them to produce globulin (protein in blood), which is their invaluable and vital duty. Therefore, those who eat too much become deprived of that most important duty of the liver. The command of our Prophet, peace and blessings upon him: “Leave the table before you are full.” is such a vital message of miracle.

So, fasting provides the liver with 8-10 hours of rest from its duty of digestion. This way, the liver of the fasting person can produce globulin and other biological constituents more comfortably. There is no other way of obtaining such a blessing.

b- A very tough and important duty for the liver is, to regulate the electronic balance of the ion interchanges in the body.

Beginning from the ion roots of water, the balance of acidic, methyl, and nitrogenous ion is regulated thanks to the inconceivable talents of the liver. During this duty, the new nutritions that continuously come from the special blood system called vena portae pose highly hard conditions. However, in Ramadan, in this blood system there occurs a crucial fixed balance for about 10 hours. Thus, the duties of the liver concerning ions become much relieved.

c- During fasting, there takes place an obvious relief in the liver's duty of storing glucose, too. The tension in the liver tissues is removed. The pressure inside liver cells decreases, which brings about an unprecedented biological liveliness.

Besides all those truths, today's people have liver tests done just to get satisfied. And they run after dieting methods, which change every day.

Whether Believer or not, in future, people will fast so as to protect their liver, which is a wonderful laboratory.

Now let us listen to the dialogue between the cells of another very important tissue:

If the cells in the inner surface of veins were to speak, they would speak among themselves this way:

- When does Ramadan come? The remnants of the nutritions in the blood have gathered on top of me so much that I will die soon and those dead remnants of nutritions will settle in my place. As a result, the wall of the vein that I have preserved like a rubber till now will be reduced to a narrow encrusted pipe and the organ I am feeding will be doomed to death, if the fast does not come to the rescue.

Dear readers, why do the cells in the surface of veins look forward to Ramadan?

a- While fasting, especially a few hours before iftar (the meal eaten to break the fast after sunset), there will not be any remnants of nutrition in veins as the nutritions in blood will be reduced to the minimum, in which case there will not be any conglomeration of nutrition remnants on the surface of veins. As a result, the cells in veins will be revitalized; veins will not be stiffened and aging will definitely slow down.

b- The decrease of liquid in the volume of blood, which is observed toward iftar, will lessen the blood pressure; and the cells of veins will virtually make celebrations because of the removal of pressure over them. As the water between cells decreases in the meantime, the systolic pressure will drop and the real revitalization will occur.

c- In blood, lipid and cholesterol, which do not drop in some people in any other way, will be reduced and the veins will experience an inconceivable joy.

How can the vein cells stop looking forward to Ramadan?

Today's people are anxious to reduce the blood pressure and to have the nutrition remnants in blood measured every month.

Therefore, we repeat the same sentence: Whether Believer or not, in future, people will fast so as to delay aging and to ensure the health of their veins.

Let us now analyze the bone marrow in relation to fasting:

Especially unhealthy weather conditions and lack of sunlight cause the bone marrows of the people living in cities to become lazy. Therefore, those people suffer lack of blood, lack of energy and they are susceptible to illnesses. The best three factors that activate the bone marrow and cause it to work are; the sun, atmosphere rich in oxygen, and strain in cell nutrition.

Yes, you did not misunderstand. The last factor is “the strain in cell nutrition.” That point is one of the most important findings of medicine. If the nourishment in cells is strained, the body accelerates the processes of oxygen transportation by increasing blood production. The fast is an unbelievable stimulus which has just that effect. The strains in cell nourishment that happen toward iftar stimulate the bone marrow; that is why every fasting person experiences an obvious power increase.

So, dear readers, we cannot finish listing the benefits of the fast to human health. I will draw attention to some important points in outlines:

1- While fasting, the whole hormonal system engages in an order of balanced and vigorous working for a month.

2- The digestive system and especially its protection system, Peyer's patches, undergo a revision during this month and all malfunctions are repaired.

3- The positive effect of the fast on blood pressure and veins is also a kind of health insurance for the kidney and the heart.

4- Finally, with the wonderful effects it has on the spiritual constitutions of people, the fast ensures the whole system of body to attain harmony.

The happiness that people who have fulfilled their duty of servitude to Allah feel, carries away all troubles. And the Muslim enters a new year with a stressless and fresh biological mechanism.

Both rejuvenated and feeling in his/her spirit the good news of the eternal youth in Paradise that s/he hopes to attain...

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