Can you give information about eating little, talking little and sleeping little?

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Can you give information about eating little, talking little and sleeping little?
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Eating little, sleeping little and talking little are the habits of the righteous persons. Eating a lot, sleeping a lot and talking a lot unnecessarily result in heedlessness. Falling into heedlessness is a big loss.
Eating much fills the heart with gloom.
It weakens mental activities. 
It makes the body clumsy.
It causes sleeping a lot.
It increases the sensual desires.
Eating when you are full is an illness upon illness. 
A Muslim person should be moderate about eating and drinking as in every subject and refrain from eating and drinking extremely and greedily. The friends of Allah, the righteous and the scholars who act in accordance with their knowledge ate once or twice a day.
Eating twice a day: once in the morning and once in the late afternoon is a favorable habit.
It is necessary to prevent the stomach from haram (prohibited) and unreliable foods and drinks.
Ibrahim Hakki of Erzurum states the following in his book called “Marifetname”: “The Saints said, ‘Eat the quantity that will carry you, never eat the quantity that you will carry. Eat to the extent that you will be regarde to have eaten the food. Do not eat to the extent that you will be regarded to have been eaten by the food. If you eat it, all of it will be light and life. If it eats you, it will be trouble for you.’”   

We should get into the habit of eating little in order to prevent the excessiveness of our souls and in order that our spiritual worlds will have love and whisper the melodies of love and observe beyond the veils of mystery that are opened in the early morning. We should transfer our savings we have gained through eating little to the needy and to charitable institutions.   

Eating little is something and benefiting from the bounties Almighty Allah has created for human beings is something else. That is, as Muslims, we will definitely benefit from the food and drinks Allah has given and bestowed and we will eat and drink in a way that will keep our bodies energetic, healthy and strong so that we can serve our Lord and serve in His way. However, we will not squander and will not eat and drink fully lest we should harm our bodies and spirits. We will not let haram and unreliable food into our stomachs. 

Hazrat A’isha (may Allah be pleased with her) narrates as follows:
“Allah’s Messenger’s stomach had never been full. He never complained about it to anybody. He liked being poor more than being rich. Even if his stomach was bent because of hunger, that situation would not prevent him from fasting the next day.
However, he could have asked all of the fortunes of the world from his Lord.
Indeed, the Makkah Valley was turned into gold and was offered him but he said: “No, my Lord! Let me be full one day and be hungry the next and supplicate you when I am hungry and thank and praise you when I am full.” (Tirmidhi)

The criterion for sleeping little is sleeping as much as needed and that is about four or five hours.
Talking a lot is also harmful. A person talking a lot loses his esteem among people and a person saying too many words cannot refrain himself from telling lies. It is necessary to gain the habit of talking when someone’s turn to talk comes and when he is asked a question. We should either tell the truth when we talk or we should keep quiet.

As it is seen, the Prophet (may Allah’s peaces and blessings be upon him) and the persons following his holy trails have never esteemed the world and refrained from eating a lot, sleeping a lot and talking a lot that prevented themselves from worshiping peacefully,
Remembering Allah,
Being awake in the early morning,
And having comfort and peace in their hearts; and they never esteemed them.

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