Did monkeys make tools from stone and use them? It is said that there are tools made of stone and axes that are 2.500.000 years old.

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Various stones and tools were used by people throughout human history. We have never heard a claim that they were made and used by monkeys. If the person who asked this question had not made it up, it is necessary to ask the person who put forward this question.

Making tools and using them is a characteristic peculiar to man. Everybody agrees on it. To claim the opposite is not a scientific thought, but nonsense.

It is claimed that the tools that were made or used are 2.500.000 years old. There is no agreement on it. For, the methods that are used for determining ages are not very reliable. Sometimes mistakes of millions of years are made.  

Click the link below in order to get detailed information about the methods that are used for determining ages.

Are Geological and Archeological Carbon Dating Methods Reliable?

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