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Hello. I read article about ´Sexual Life In Paradise´, and I have few questions on that topic. My wife isn´t a Muslim, and the only thing she can´t accept is that she´ll have to share me with Hurs. She says that she´ll be Muslim & be happy, if she can have the guarantee, that she´ll only be with me. I too took an oath that I don´t want Hurs, and I honestly don´t. So my question is will mine & her wish be granted of living alone together? Please help me.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

In Paradise, anything wished will be present. Yet we do not know how this will be. What matters is to lead a life which will take you there. It is impossible to explain to a child in the mother’s womb that a seed under the soil becomes a tree; similarly, it is impossible to describe Paradise to a person in the womb and on the ground of the earth.

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