Is the claim that Hz. Maryam belongs to other cultures true?

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An atheist sent me a picture. There are virgins belonging to Indian, Asian, Babylonian, Roman and Sumerian mythologies; they all hold babies in the picture. The cultures are different but the common point is that they are virgins. They attack Islam by showing it. The words isis and horus/Egypt Semiramis and tammuz/babyl nammu and enki/sumer shigmoo/Asia Devaki and Krishna/India are written on it; they are all women; they all hold boys and they are all virgins. The denier says, ''The concept of Allah giving a virgin a child does not belong to Islam.'' What should be done about it? They say there were things like that in ancient Greece too. This news has depressed me for days. Will you search it?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

- It is natural for some figures of women made of various substances to hold babies. For, when a baby is mentioned, a woman comes to mind. Such figures can be produced due to this close relationship.  

However, it is not enough even to be a soothsayer to say that the babies those women are holding are without fathers and that they are virgins. A person has to have witnessed them personally to say that those women are virgins or he has to have received a message from Allah that they are virgins. 

Anything that is said except those two ways can only be rumors of imagination and delusion

- It is groundless in terms of both knowledge and intellect to base one’s decrees on some debatable bits of knowledge by disregarding the information given in three heavenly religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) that Hz. Maryam (Mary) gave birth to Hz. Isa (Jesus) extraordinarily.

We do not want to say here that Jews accept that Hz. Isa was born without a father. Even if their interpretations are different, it is a fact that such an extraordinary birth took place.

- If the person who claims this really thinks that stories like that existed before, he needs to show a sound resource as reference so that we can talk about it.

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