Can you explain the phrases, ‘imam al-mubin’ (Clear Record) and ‘kitab al-mubin’ (Clear Book) ?

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Can you explain the phrases, ‘imam al-mubin’ (Clear Record) and ‘kitab al-mubin’ (Clear Book) ?
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Imam al-Mubin (Clear Record) and Kitab al- Mubin (Clear Book) are notebooks of al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (Preserved Tablets) and titles of divine knowledge. In Badiuzzaman’s words, the Clear Record, Clear Book and Preserved Tablets are all the titles of divine knowledge.
 In Maktubat (Letters), “the spheres of the knowledge of the body like the Clear Record, Clear Book and Preserved Tablets, which are the titles of Pre-eternal knowledge” are mentioned.   
In Şualar (Rays), the following expression is present: “and records the life-stories of all beings in the Clear Record and Clear Book, which are the notebooks of the Preserved Tablet”.
When those expressions are evaluated together, it is understood that all of them are recording tablets. All of them have become titles for the divine knowledge. When they are mentioned, divine knowledge is thought of; they are not knowledge themselves.
Badiuzzaman states that tafsir (interpretation) scholars put forward various opinions about the Clear Record and Clear Book that some scholars accepted those two as the same thing; then he gives his own opinion as follows:
“The Clear Record is a title for a variety of Divine knowledge and command which looks to the World of the Unseen rather than the Manifest World.
“'The Clear Record' looks at the Manifest World rather than the World of the Unseen. That is, it looks at the present rather than the past and future; it is a title of Divine Knowledge and Command , a book and a notebook rather than knowledge and command. If the Clear Record is the notebook of the divine will, the Clear Book is the notebook of the divine power.” (Sözler: Words)
Both the Clear Record and the Clear Book are the notebooks of the Preserved Tablets, but there is difference between them.
We can feel the subtle difference to some extent in the following statement: “Indeed, in a seed there are two manifestations of Divine Determining; one is self-evident and points to and tells of The Clear Book, which is a title of will and the creational commands; the other is theoretical, and alludes to and tells of The Clear Record, which is a title of Divine knowledge and the Divine command. Self-evident Divine Determining is the physical nature, states, and parts of the tree which the seed comprises. While theoretical Divine Determining is the stages, states, forms, motions, and glorifications which the tree will undergo and perform in the period of its life, and which are in the seed and will be created from it; these stages, states, forms, and acts, which constantly change and are called its life-history, each have a regulated measure in accordance with Divine Determining, like the tree’s branches and leaves.” (Nursi, Sözler: Words) 
The Clear Book expresses the creation plan and program of everything that lives in this world of existence. In the seeds of the fruit, eggs of the living beings or their sperms, all of the properties of the beings to come to the world are recorded. That is, man has understood that every being in the nature comes into existence in accordance with a plan and program but some men attribute that program to the nature of that being and do not realize the Clear Book, which is the divine knowledge and tablet of it.    
Seeds are broken into, germinate, become saplings, grow tall and branches start to come out from different directions. Then, flowers and leaves come out. They are all present in the first program called the genetic code. In short, everything of that tree is recorded in that seed. And that seed informs about the Clear Book.
On the other hand, it is impossible to find the following information in that genetic code: in which garden will the seed be sown, when will a naughty boy break a branch of it, when will it be exposed to a storm, what kind of damage will it have, what will happen in the end, where will it be taken after it is cut down and what will happen to it? Since they also take place within the sphere of divine knowledge, all of those phases should take place in accordance with some knowledge and a book in which that knowledge is written. That book is the Clear Record.
We can think of similar things for a man too: all of his physical properties are recorded in a sperm, which is his seed. Everything is written in that sperm: that he has two eyes, that they are placed on the face symmetrically; the number of his fingers and their order, the properties of red and white blood cells, the shapes, functions and sizes of his liver, kidney, heart and brain.
Different characteristics emerge due to the various arrangements of bases in genes.

However, the following information is like a separate book for each person: what school will he attend, when will he finish school, where will he attend high school and university, who will be his friends, where will he go with them, what will he do, what will he face in the testing of life, what diseases will he catch, where and when will he die, how will he be treated in the grave? And similar questions…  
That book has no relation with the program in the sperm. All of the phases of the journey that starts with the sperm are written in the Clear Book; however, the mind sees it necessary that there be an eternal notebook in which the whole of the life journey of man, with his body and spirit, is written. Badiuzzaman states that it is the Clear Record.
It should  be  kept in view that when the word ‘writing’ is used, it will be incomplete to understand it as writing the letters. The arrangement of the genes are different from writing. The recording of the memory is not like typing with the keyboard. The words and events are not recorded by a pen or pencil in audio and video cassettes.
The writing and recording of everything in the Clear Record and Clear Book, which are the notebooks of the Prescribed Tablets, takes place in a very different form. That recording has no relation with letters and words.
Lastly, let us mention another meaning of the Clear Book briefly. Many interpreters of the Quran state that one aspect of the Clear Book is the Quran. They explain especially the verse: “anything fresh or dry (green or withered) is (inscribed) in a Record Clear (to those who can read)” as the Quran.
Badiuzzaman agrees with that view by saying the following in his work ‘Sözler’: “According to one interpretation, the Clear Book or Record consists of the Quran. This verse states that everything, fresh or dry, is found within it, is that so? Yes, everything is found in it, but not everyone can see everything in it, for they are found at different levels. Sometimes the seeds, sometimes the nuclei, sometimes the summaries, sometimes the principles, sometimes the signs, are found either explicitly, or implicitly, or allusively, or vaguely, or as a reminder.”

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