What is the Preserved Tablet (Lahw-i Mahfoos)?

This a divine preserving tablet in which the things that happened and are to happen, all moments in time and all beings in space, in short, everything is written on; it is the mirror of Divine knowledge, the book of fate and the program of the universe.

The little sample of the Preserved Tablet in man is memory. Memory contains the events that we experience, the places that we see, people that we know, voices that we hear, tastes that we taste, all impressions that we receive all our life long, all knowledge that we learn, but it still never becomes full.

Memory is the treasure of intelligence, the capital of reflective thought, and the history of our own self. It is one of the most valuable tools that has been implanted in our soul. Intelligence without memory is of no use. For we think by resting on our previous learnings.

Memory has an aspect that looks to our eternal life. Memory is a voucher, a title deed, a document. It will bear witness by showing the good deeds and sins we committed in the world.

Just as each event man experiences is written in his memory, all events that happened, happening and will happen are written on that great memory. On both tablets, the name of Preserver (Al- Hafeez) of our Sustainer manifests itself.

Some people cannot grasp the fact that everything is written on the Preserved Tablet. It would be inaccurate to understand written as writing something with pen letter by letter. The arrangements of genes are far different from writing. That memory records something does not resemble typing. Words and events in a video cassette are not recorded by pen.

Therefore, that everything is written on the books of the Preserved Tablet, which are Clear Record and Clear Book, is arbitrariness beyond these. Moreover, this record has nothing to do with letters and words.

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