Allah states in the Quran that the Quran was sent down from a book called Preserved Tablet (Lawh al-Mahfuz). Will you explain it?

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Allah states in the Quran that the Quran was sent down from a book called Preserved Tablet (Lawh al-Mahfuz). Will you explain it?
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"Nay, this is a Glorious Qur´an, (Inscribed) in a Tablet Preserved!" (al-Buruj, 85/21-22)

Here is the glorious Quran! Here is a book that will inform you about what you do not know, save you from what you fear and will enable you to attain what you hope. It is a book that comes from Allah, who is Majid (the Majestic One). It is a book that is in Lawh al-Mahfuz, that is, it has been protected from all kinds of distortion, deficiencies and additions, that has been fixed in the presence of Allah and that will lead people to the truth, guidance and Paradise.  

In Arabic, Lawh al-Mahfuz means preserved/protected tablet. In Islam, it expresses the spiritual tablet in which everything that happened and that will happen is written. Since what happened and what will happen is based on Allah's knowledge, Lawh al-Mahfuz is directly related to Allah’s attribute of ilm. The reason why it is described as preserved (protected) is that what is written there is free from being changed and distorted through any intervention. It is also mentioned as Ummul-Kitab (Mother of the Book, Main Book), Kitabun Hafiz (Preserving Book), Kitabun Mubin (Clear Book), Kitabun Maknun (Hidden Book), Imamun Mubin (Clear Guide) and al-Kitab (the Book) in the Quran. It is also called Kitabul-Qadar (the Book of Qadar) since it includes the things that will happen to people.

The phrase "Lawh al-Mahfuz" is mentioned in only one verse in the Quran. In that verse, it is stated that the Quran is in Lawh al-Mahfuz. However, no description is given. On the other hand, it is described in several verses with its properties. Accordingly, Lawh al-Mahfuz is a clear, preserved, preserving and hidden main book that cannot be touched except cleanly created angels and a book in which nothing is incomplete (al-An'am, 6/59), information about the things that will happen is preserved (Qaf, 50/4), all of the misfortunes that will hit the earth and people are written (al-Hadid, 57/22), everything is counted and determined (Yasin, 36/12), all of the secrets in heavens and the world is clearly stated (an-Naml, 27/75).

Yes, you have such a glorious preserved book. Then, do not look for salvation anywhere else. Come to this book. Be together with this book so that you will attain salvation. Do not forget that salvation is not possible without a book.

This realm is a “tablet” in which what happened and what will happen is written, all of the moments in time are written, all of the beings, in short, everything is written. It is the mirror of divine knowledge, the notebook of qadar and the program of the universe.

The smallest example of this realm, in which knowledge is preserved, in man is “memory”. Memory, which is represented by a piece of flesh as small as a lentil in this visible realm, contains things that happen to us, the places we see, the people we know, the sounds we hear, the flavors we taste, the impressions we have throughout our lives and all of the things we learn but it does not become full. Everything big or small, mountains, seas, plains, the sky, and stars are in it.

Can all of those things ever be the work of a piece of flesh as small as a lentil?

Memory is the treasure of intelligent, capital of meditation and history of our selves. It is one of the most valuable devices placed in our spirits. Intelligent without memory is no good. For, we think based on what we have learned.

Memory has an aspect that is related to our eternal life. Memory is a bond, an evidence, a document. It will witness in the hereafter during reckoning by showing us our good deeds and sins we did and committed in the world.

What has been given to us is a small sample of “Lawh al-Mahfuz”. Everything that happens to man is recorded in his memory; similarly, everything that happened and will happen in the universe is recorded in that great memory. Our Lord’s name of “Hafiz” becomes manifest in both “tablets”.

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