Can prayers (duas) be said without wudu? How did duas/supplications emerge? What is the exact difference between a dua and a surah (chapter)?

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What exactly does dua mean? In what cases (without wudu, bareheaded, without basmala) can duas be said? If duas were sent down (revealed), why do they not exist in the Quran?
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The verses of the Quran are also duas. However, not all duas are verses; therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between them.

It is not permissible to touch the Quran without wudu. However, the verses of the Quran can be read bareheaded, without wudu if you do not touch it, by looking at it or by heart.

Not all duas are revelation. For instance, some duas are duas of Islamic scholars. They can also be said without wudu and bareheaded; it is also permissible to touch them without wudu.

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