Are there scientific miracles in the Quran?

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Some of the scientific miracles determined in the Quran in the course of time are as follows:

  • The universe expands all the time. (adh-Dhariyat 51/47)
  • Big-Bang, the skies and the earth being cleft asunder. (al-Anbiya 21/30, Fussilat 41/11)
  • Winds fecundating clouds and plants. (al-Hijr 15/22)
  • The word "nahl", that is, "bee" being used as a feminine word and its verb forms being used with feminine forms. (an-Nahl 16/68-69)
  • Planets are not fixed; they have certain orbits and courses. (Ya-Sin 36/38 and 40, al-Anbiya 21/33, Luqman 31/29)
  • Two seas not mixing with each other; the law of "surface tension". (ar-Rahman 55/19-20, al-Furqan 25/53)
  • Underground waters being formed by rain water. (az-Zumar 39/21)
  • The earth being reduced from its outlying borders. (ar-Ra'd 13/41, al-Anbiya 21/44)
  • The dangers of the house built by the female spider and its insecurity. (al-Ankabut 29/41)
  • Femininity and masculinity in plants. (Ta-Ha 20/53, ar-Ra'd 13/3)
  • The three stages of the baby in the uterus: abdominal wall, uterine wall, amnionic membrane. (az-Zumar 39/6)
  • The phase of mudghah - a little lump of flesh (chewed substance) in the uterus. (al-Mu'minun 23/14)
  • Clouds are actually very heavy. (al-A'raf 7/57, ar-Ra'd 13/12)
  • Mountains are not fixed; they move. (an-Naml 27/88)
  • Iron came to the world from outer space. (al-Hadid 57/25)
  • We need to move while sleeping. (al-Kahf 18/18)
  • Ears are active during sleep. (al-Kahf 18/11)
  • Creation in pairs; everything is created in pairs and with opposites. (Ya-Sin 36/36)
  • The world is round. (az-Zumar 39/5, an-Naziat 79/30)
  • Oxygen decreases as altitude increases. (al-An'am 6/125)
  • Meteors; the atmosphere, which prevents us from harmful sun rays and adversities like space cold. (al-Anbiya 21/32)
  • The sky that returns; meteors, harmful rays, heat, radio waves... (at-Tariq 86/11)
  • Mountains with duties. (al-Anbiya 21/31, an-Naba 78/6-7, Luqman 31/10)
  • The star that knocks. (at-Tariq 86/1)
  • The red rose in the sky "Rosetta Nebula". (ar-Rahman 55/37)
  • Relativity of time. (as-Sajda 32/5, al-Maarij 70/4)
  • It is not possible to leave the atmosphere without a propelling power and a burning will occur in the meantime. (ar-Rahman 55/ 33-36)
  • Everybody has different fingerprints. (al-Qiyamah 75/4)
  • Everybody has different tongue prints. (ar-Rum 30/22)
  • Cattle were sent down from the sky. (az-Zumar 39/6)

On the other hand, there are definitely other miracles that will emerge until the Day of Judgment; they will be understood in the course of time.  

For, as the universe gets old, the Quran gets younger since it is divine speech.

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