Is Apple Vinegar Haram or not?

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Salaam, I' ve have asked many people and have yet to get a definative answer. I was wanting to find out if "Apple Cider Vinegar" was halal. It was known benefits in reducing acid reflux as a home remedy and i was hoping to use it. Unfortunatly i am unsure of its Halal status. I hope you can clear up the matter. Thank you all
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Apple vinegar is not haram. “Vinegar” can be produced from apples or grapes depending on the conditions of the formation of vinegar.
It is mentioned in the hadith resources that our Prophet ate vinegar and said “vinegar is a nice food” while mentioning it. (Muslim, Ashriba 166; Abu Dawud, Atima 40; Nasai, Ayman 21)
Vinegar is clean and it is praised in the hadith; if something which is not clean is transformed it becomes clean. For instance, if wine is transformed into vinegar due to a chemical added to it, it becomes clean because its nature has changed.

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