Why does God prohibit people from consuming alcohol and pork though there are more important things like wars?

We can say to our brothers who convey these questions to us but not to those who ask questions by objecting the following: The decrees imposed by Allah are reflections of His endless knowledge and wisdom. In principle, every decree has an added value on its own. No divine decree can be sacrificed for another one unless there is a necessity.

For instance, the existence of war does not render alcohol and pork halal. The person who objects to it should know that when he drinks alcohol at home, war will not end and peace will not be attained. If he thinks so due to humanistic reasons, it is contrary to humanism and conscience to drink alcohol at tables by enjoying oneself while a lot of people die in wars.   

Similarly, when people are killed in wars, does consuming pork contribute to peace? 

Besides, Allah has dealt and is dealing with wars. Yes, Allah orders us not to fight and make peace through the Quran and His Messenger.

Here are some of those verses:

“O ye who believe! Enter into Islam whole-heartedly; and follow not the footsteps of the Evil One; for he is to you an avowed enemy.” (al-Baqara, 2/208)

“Therefore if they (the unbelievers who are your enemies) withdraw from you but fight you, not and (instead) send you (guarantees of) peace, then Allah hath opened no way for you (to war against them).” (an-Nisa, 4/90)

“On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person―unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land― it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our Messengers with clear Signs, yet even after that many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.” (al-Maida, 5/32)

The verse that allowed Muslims to fight for the first time about 15 years after the first revelation is the following one: “To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight) because they are wronged― and verily, Allah is Most powerful for their aid.” (al-Hajj, 22/39)

The believers were maltreated and tortured a lot by the unbelievers for 15 years: 13 years in Makkah and 2 years in Madinah. However, they were not allowed to fight because Islam is a religion of peace. The world Islam is derived from the word silm, which means peace. Therefore, when Allah allowed the Muslims to fight for the first time, He used mild words not extreme ones. For instance:  

a. Instead of an extreme expression like "fight at once", the phrase, "permission is given to fight" is used at the beginning of the verse. The expression" permission is given to fight" instead of "fight is ordered" is really a compassionate and mild expression. 

b. Similarly, the fact that a passive expression like "permission is given to fight" is used instead of an active expression like “I permit you to fight”, aims to indicate that war is something that is not desired in Islam unless there is a necessity.    

c. The Muslims were not allowed to fight when they wanted to fight but the permission was given on the condition that a war would be declared against them, which is clear evidence that war is not the real aim in Islam. The expression “permission is given (to fight) because they are wronged” in the related verse is an indication of this fact.  

d. Moreover, the fact that the reason for the permission to fight is expressed as “because they are wronged” in the verse indicates that Muslims cannot declare war against the enemies without any reason - with imperialistic thoughts.

The first war after this permission is the Battle of Badr. The polytheists came to Makkah from Madinah and reached the place called Badr near Madinah; the expression "Allah is Most powerful for their aid", which is the last part of the verse mentioned above and which is a gleam of a miracle giving news about the future clearly expresses that the unbelievers would be defeated by the believers; and they were defeated.  

If what is meant by the question “Why does Allah not deal with war” is “Why does Allah not stop wars?”, the answer to this question is very simple:

Allah created this world as a place of testing and He tests people in this place. He gave people a free will that they could use as they wished and power that they could use freely so that a fair test would take place. Everybody is tested equally so that there will be winners and the losers of this test.

Therefore, Allah does not prevent those who want to do good deeds and those who want to do bad deeds. Otherwise, He could have punished those who drink alcohol by removing their minds and reducing them to the level of animals and could have transformed those who eat pork into pigs. He would have eliminated the cruel murderers who rebelled against him and would have cut off their tongues that uttered evil words. 

So, He does not interfere in the cruel people because it is necessary for the fairness of the test. 

Yes. Both Paradise and Hell demand people.

Paradise is not cheap; Hell is not unnecessary.

The real conscience of humanity says, "Long live paradise!" for the oppressed and "Long live Hell!" for the oppressors.

The fact that there are oppressors and oppressed people in the testing place of this world, that the oppressors live and die wealthily and that the oppressed live and die in poverty prove the existence of the great court that will show the endless justice of Allah in the hereafter.

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