What is the place of religion in man’s life?

Religion emerged together with the emergence of man. It is because in no period of the history of the mankind can one see a nation deprived of the feeling of religion. There was a kind of belief, worshipping and a feeling of religion wherever man lived. 

Religion will exist as long as man exists.

The philosopher Auguste Sabatier says the following regarding the issue:

As soon as I ask my soul the question “Why do I have a religion?”, I receive the following answer: I am religious because I cannot be otherwise. To be religious is an indispensable need for my existence and personality.”

Benjamin Constant says the following:

“Religion is the being that had the most sovereignty in the history of the mankind. Religious life is an inseparable quality of our nature. When the nature of man is considered, it is impossible not to think of the idea of religion at once...”

The thoughts of the western scientists and thinkers above show that the feeling of religion is an essential requirement of human nature. In no period of history did irreligious, that is, faithless and unspiritual men exist.

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