Evidence Proving the Existence of Allah


There is a lot of evidence telling and informing us about the existence of Allah. It is possible to gather those proofs in three groups:

1. Natural evidence that is obtained from the external world, that is, the universe,

2. Metaphysical evidence that is obtained through mind,

3. Ethical and conscientious evidence that is obtained from the nature of man...


Natural evidence obtained from the external world:

The greatest evidence for the existence of Allah is the magnificent universe, the beings living in it, and the things happening in it. The universe proves the existence and oneness of Allah like a book, with each sentence, line, word and letter of it.

The testimony of the universe for the existence of Allah is expressed concisely in the following sentence: “There is a sign in everything showing that He is one.”

“There are so many signs, marks and witnesses for the existence and oneness of Allah in every being from atoms to galaxies in the universe.”

The sentence “The ways leading to Allah are as many as the number of the breaths of the beings” expresses the same meaning.

We can gather the evidence in the content of the book of the universe in 4 groups:

1. Evidence of Huduth (existing afterwards): They are the proofs obtained from the states and attributes of the beings seen in the universe.

2. Evidence of possibility: It is the evidence obtained from the creation of the world out of nothing.

3. Evidence of action: It is the evidence obtained from the property of action present in matter.

4. Evidence of creation and purpose: It is the evidence obtained from the unerring order in the universe and the principle that everything was created for a purpose.


Metaphysical Evidence Obtained Through Mind:

Western theology philosophers put forward a lot of rational evidence in order to prove the existence of Allah. The most important of them is the one expressed by the famous French philosopher, Descartes, based on the ideas of perfection and eternity. Those two pieces of evidence complement each other. The summary of it is as follows:

Although man is imperfect, he has the idea of eternity, which shows the existence of an eternal being. And that being is Allah, the owner of all perfection and eternity. 


Ethical and conscientious evidence obtained from the nature of man:

Basic evidence regarding the issue is as follows:


1. Evidence of the testimony of the history of mankind:

The history of mankind shows us that beginning from the most primitive periods people living in all ages have had faith in religion and Allah. All people in every age have believed in the existence of a divine power and had a religion. No matter where researchers went, they met the idea of religion and Allah even if they are simple or wrong. Even the people who worshipped idols, fire and stars in the past believed that there was a power superior to them and believed in the existence of an eternal being who created and educated and protected everything; they used the things that they worshipped in the external world as a means of approaching Him. The absolute unity of belief in those nations whose types, ages, countries were different and that did not know each other proves that the belief in Allah is natural.

That unity of idea and consciousness seen among the whole mankind cannot be something groundless and false since the nature of man cannot tell lies.

Then, the idea of Allah that the history of mankind agrees on unanimously presents an unquestionable truth and it forms a strong proof for the existence of Almighty God. 

2. Evidence obtained from the nature of man and his feelings:

There exists endlessness in the feelings, wishes and desires of man. There exists a great tendency towards charity and goodness and an endless longing in his spirit. In addition, man has the freedom of mind, intellect, will and preference. The fact that those feelings tend towards an endless goodness and perfection though man is limited and imperfect doubtlessly prove the existence of an eternal and perfect being, that is, Allah.

Moreover, there are two necessary truths in the nature and conscience of man as the point of support against his enemies and the point of help for his needs. Those truths can have a significance and value only if they are based on the existence of Allah and they receive help from His endless power. Those points of support and help that are present in every conscience and nature are windows that show the existence of Allah. Therefore, even if human mind loses his ability of thinking, his conscience will not forget Allah.

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