What benefits does religion provide to the individuals and the community?

1. Man has mind and conscience; he can ponder over his existence. When man is alone with his conscience, he always asks himself where he comes from, where he is going, why he was created, what kind of an end life will take him to. He needs to be satisfied about the matter, to be freed from the worries about the future and to reach tranquility. The tranquility can only be provided and taught by religion.

2. Religion is absolutely necessary for man to develop materially and spiritually in his own world and to reach the level of real humanity.

Ali Fuad Başgil says the following regarding the issue:

“Man, from the most learned to the most ignorant, will ask himself where he comes from and where he is going; he will seek a high ideal support and a principle of action and activity in the superhuman realms. However, he will not be able to find satisfactory and comforting answers in science and philosophy but only in religion. Eventually, he will either be a religious person, give his heart to religion and lead a humane life or become like an animal and lead a life based on physical feelings and mean pleasures. This way of life will take mankind to the edge of precipice.” (Din ve Lâiklik: Religion and Laicism)

3. Religion is essential for the mankind as an arranger and regulator of the community life.

Religious feeling is a spiritual guard that never leaves man and always inspects him. Since that guard is very effective on conscience, it prevents man from all kinds of evil, done openly or secretly, and encourages him to do all kinds of good deeds. “Religion is a very strong spiritual rein to control the desires of man.”

Thanks to religion, a strong will forms in man who becomes conscious that Allah knows everything and that he will not be able to hide anything from Him. Peace, stability, order and harmony prevail in a community that comprises of people with such strong will and character.

Religion is the source of all kinds of moral virtues. The importance of the moral system that religion brings is very important for the mankind. 

There is no catastrophe more destructive than the moral humiliation of a nation. In history, many nations were destroyed and eliminated because they decayed morally.

4. Irreligiousness destroys the feeling of being moral before everything else. When there is no religion, there remains no imposing force for being moral; thus, irreligiousness leads to the spread and extension of all kinds of evil and consequently the destruction of the community. 

Irreligiousness eliminates the idea of law too. An irreligious person who does not feel any moral sanctions will not show respect to any rights or laws. He will not abstain from committing oppression, grabbing others’ rights and committing all kinds of evils.  


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