What is the main cause of the present uneasiness and depression in the society?

The most outstanding reason why unbelief and denial spoiled the spiritual structure of our society to such a great extent, and why a lot of doubts, hesitation, superstitions and nonsense have stuck in our minds is that we can benefit neither from the Quran nor Our Prophet that are the sources of true guidance for us. The fact that today science and high technology fail to provide peace in both social and personal life despite their great progress that many crucial principals like compassion, loving-kindness, affection and justice have withdrawn from social life and instead given place to tyranny, despotism and anarchism and that no philosophical doctrine is able to diagnose and treat these problems of the society and that even some doctrines themselves cause oppression and totalitarianism all is because we have failed to seek the help of Islam.

Indeed, the limited and inadequate strength of mind cannot be a fully dependable guide for a human being who is a candidate for an awe-inspiring life and in deep love with an eternal happiness. He can proceed through it to a certain extent He can only find this truth and obtain the joy of both this world and the hereafter by depending upon the prophets.

It is essential that the prophets be sent to mankind so that all divine truths which embrace everything and which are unlimited can be thought to people. Therefore, Allah sent prophets to human beings so that they can discern what is good and what is wrong.

The prophets informed people about the unity of Allah, improved those following them in the way of knowing Allah and saved them from attributing partners to Him and from wrong beliefs.

Those luminous people became the most brilliant mirror for the names and attributes of Allah. They truly loved Allah and caused his followers to love Him. They comprehended the secret meanings of the universe and conveyed them to their followers. Since the creation of human being, they have provided persuasive responses for the most challenging questions such as who are you, where are you coming from and where are you going to?

Indeed, Allah created prophets in the most elevated state, educated their senses and abilities in the most perfect way, and sent them as guides and teachers to entire humanity.

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