Are natural disasters a warning of Allah?

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- Are the recent natural disasters happening in the world and in our country a warning from our Lord?
- Can you give detailed information about natural disasters with verses and hadiths?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

One of the attributes / duties of prophets is “nadhir” meaning the one who warns. They prophesy the disasters that will strike those who persist in disobedience to Allah.

Allah Almighty states in His book that He “created death and life so that He would try which of us is best in deed” (al-Mulk: 67/2 ), “would test us with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of our toil)” (al-Baqara:2/155)

The material causes of natural disasters are certain; it is a topic of science.

There is also the Creator of the causes behind those causes; it is necessary not to forget it when such things happen, and to consider whether it is a warning or a penalty.

Every trouble that befalls a Muslim is definitely good for him: It either erases his past sins, or prevents the future afflictions and misfortunes, or it is a divine warning, or it is a test to increase his spiritual rank.

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