What does universal will mean?

Universal will means the divine will that can wish endless things at the same time. Partial free will is the human will that can wish only one thing at a time and that cannot deal with two things at the same time.

It is said that there are about one hundred trillion cells in the human body. Each cell has so many functions. How can man explain these endless activities in his body though he cannot wish two things at the same time? That is, man cannot own himself. He is a slave. His body is arranged and controlled by a universal will.

The slaves who get rid of heedlessness and find the truth think as follows: “Since no organ and no cell of mine are free and unattended, I cannot be free and unattended either! All of the things that occur in my inner world are wise and useful. Then, I should use my will properly and I should not do unnecessary things that are not useful for me in the world and hereafter. Since every cell in my body, every star in the sky and every system in the universe act based on a universal will, I should use my partial free will in accordance with that universal will. I should not delay my duty of servitude and I should perform worshipping fully.”

Then, he generalizes his thought. I cannot intervene in my inner world; similarly, the tree is not the real owner of the factory that operates in it. That factory does not operate on its own. There is some wisdom, power and knowledge that program this tree so that it will yield apples and that tree so that it will yield pears. I am unaware of the red and white blood cells that flow in the river of my blood; similarly, the sea is unaware of the fish in it. The sky does not know the stars in it. I have not created my hair; the tree does not attach the leaves themselves. The forests are not created by the mountain. The sun cannot own the planets.

When these endless things occurring in the universe are taken into consideration as a whole, they clearly show a universal and absolute will.

Let us think: So many different deeds are performed at the same time in this realm! Every moment, so many living beings, from the microbes and bacteria, from the red and white blood cells and insects to birds and human beings, are dying. Their places are not left empty. Equal amounts of beings and even more beings come to the world.

While so many beings are getting ill, many others are getting better. So many beings climb up to lofty ranks but so many beings go down to humiliation.

While some people eat, others approach starving. To do so many deeds that are different from one another and that are often opposite to one another, each of which shows the manifestation of a divine name, together at the same time is the work of a universal being.

Comparing them to his partial free will, man looks at his weakness and incompleteness, thinks about these endless deeds amazedly and admiringly; then, his belief becomes perfect.

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