What Does Şirk-i hafî - şirk-i hafi- Mean?

Şirk is to assign partners to Allah. There are apparent, in other words obvious, and also concealed, in other words secret, types of şirk. The apparent kind is the one we all know. Believing three gods or accepting idols as intercessors before Allah are included in this group.

As regards to concealed associating partners with Allah, it is separated into two types. The first is to show hypocrisy and act for the sake of people by forgetting the sake of Allah or pay strict attention to satisfy the desires of soul. The second is to give more importance to the creatures which officiate as causes in the creation of beings; to suppose them to have effects on beings.

Also there is a sort of this şirk-i hafi (concealed associating partners with Allah) which occurs not in this active world but in the world of feelings, in the hearts. As people develop spiritually also the existence of şirk is veiled and weakens contrarily

Additionally, there is a deeper degree of the concealed associating partners with Allah. While the share of a cause is only one percent in the realization of something if it is overrated one hundred time larger, the ninety nine percent of this appreciation is counted on account of concealed associating partners with Allah Also mans excessive confidence in his own soul and assigning all his faculties on the service of it is concealed associating partners with Allah, as well.

Only one example on this matter: The only Jabbar (=The Compeller) and Mutakabbir (=Supreme in Greatness, the Majestic) is Allah. Does man uses his power, knowledge and force all of which are bestowed by Allah in order to tyrannize His slaves before Him then this man imitates being Jabbar and Mutakabbir and so commits şirk-i hafi (concealed associating partners with Allah) fault.

For the Surah the Dawn (Al-Falaq), Our Master Allahs Messenger (Peace and blessings be upon him) uttered: It is a dungeon in the Hell, compellers and haughty people are imprisoned in it and Hell takes refuge in Allah from this dungeon. But our soul is dying for what Hell fears. Only this example is ample to prove that our soul is much more dangerous than Hell. Nevertheless we dont try to understand this fact because of the soul.

Another glorious Hadith If a man who embraced Islam shows respect another man for his richness, this man loss two thirds of his religion.

Loving for the sake of Allah is fundamental in Islam. Loving a rich who gives his religious tax and who does good deeds is in the name of Allah and is not included in this Hadith. The prohibited love in this Hadith is such a love which is ignorant from Allah and is after the fashion of feeling contempt before a slave of Allah.

Islam is a religion of Oneness (tawhid). The Owner and Possessor of this world is unique. Every favor is absolutely in His blessed treasure. Islam teaches to be grateful excessively neither to sun for its light, nor to farm for its crops or to riches for their affluence. Everyone and everything is just causes. Each favors are coming from the Sustainer of the earth and heaven.
Does a poor believer who comprehend this lesson feel abomination against riches as if he eat their food, his belief of Oneness in other words belief of accepting Allah as One could be harmed. No matter what rich or poor each person is loved for their belief, morality, knowledge, wisdom, honestness and for such perfections. Affluence is not a cause of love separately.

Also when a rich man reads this glorious Hadith he doesnt drive people under obligation to him. He doesnt expect excessive respect in return of his good deeds and helps. Otherwise, he knows it is not only to temper with his addressees honor and dignity but also is to temper with their religions.

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