What could have possibly led the humans to commit an irrarional act as worshipping idols?

Worshiping and pleading for help is the most basic instinct (given by God) because humans have been created with an infinite weakness and a needy nature.

Humans have realized that the One who made the eye to see also created the sun to give light. He has created the stomach and all the things to eat. He has created the ear to hear and all the voices. On the other hand, humans have struggled with problems, illnesses, calamities and disasters and they have looked for someone to plead. This search sometimes has led humans to the truth and sometimes caused them to go astray.

The people who were accompanied by a prophet and who obeyed his orders enjoyed the pleasure of believing in God. They submitted themselves to God for their needs, and took refuge in God from calamities and disasters.

Unfortunately, most of the humans have made mistakes while searching (for the truth) and they have worshipped the idols that they made themselves. They are divided into two groups. Some were vulgar enough to believe that the idols created them. This group comes to mind when idol worshippers are mentioned. The other group see worshipping and pleading to God as inconceivable. Because they had many helpers in the worldly life, they were under the illusion that they cannot worship to God and they believed the idols to be their helpers.

"We worship them for no other reason than they may bring us nearer to God." (Az-Zumar Surah, 39:3)

The ill notion that God cannot be prayed, directly led some people to become an idol worshipper. Therefore, faith in God needs to be the true one.

If you should ask them who has created the heavens and the earth, they would certainly say: God." (Luqman Surah, 31:25).

The addressee of this last verse is the second type of polytheists. Their faith in God has not stopped them to become a polytheist and that wrongful faith led them fight against the prophets of God.

Christians, instead of taking refuge in God for his/her sins, if they consult to the so-called representatives of Prophet Jesus or such clergymen, it is indeed nothing but imitating the Arabs in the pre Islamic era of ignorance.

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